Remodeling of the roads in Gammelstad Church Town

In May, the rebuilding of Rutviksvägen in Gammelstad Church Town is expected to start. Part of the road will be completely closed off for car and pedestrian traffic during construction.

In order to preserve the cultural-historical values that exist in Gammelstad Church Town, Trafikverket will fix road 590, Gamla Bodenvägen and road 968, Rutviksvägen. There are problems with the roads’ dewatering and snow removal, and there are also no walking surfaces. The measures consist of lowering the level of the roads, constructing gutters and footpaths. The renovation will take place during 2020-2021, starting on Rutviksvägen this year.

Construction starts in May 2020

The measures on Rutviksvägen are planned to start at the end of May and continue until October 2020. The excavation work will have to be carried out right up to the facades of certain church cottages. In order to be able to carry out the work in an efficient and safe way, part of Rutviksvägen will be completely closed off for car and pedestrian traffic during construction time. We therefore refer to other roads during construction.

Follow the construction on the web

Due to the risk of spreading the corona virus, we will not hold public meetings as long as the Public Health Authority’s directives remain. We refer instead to where we gather information about the project. You can also contact us directly by phone or email. Keep up to date on our website.

All work is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2021.

Map closed off area Rutviksvägen

Contact info

Visiting address: Sundsbacken 2-4
Phone: 0771-921 921

Fredrik Olofsson, project manager
Phone: 010-123 48 49

Camilla Stellén, land dealer
Phone: 010-123 7438