Japanese cultural day

2019-08-31 | Japanese cultural day at open-air museum Hägnan.

Welcome to experience the Japanese culture!


Japanese culture day at Hägnan kl.12-15. Free entrance.
Experiance the Japanese culture with us!

kl.12.00 Opening
Kl.12.15-12.30 Shamisen (performance with traditional japanese musical instrument)
kl.12.45-13.00 Japan quiz
kl.13.20-13.50 Try language courses
kl.14.00-14.15 Shamisen performance
Kl.14.00-14.45 Yukata dressing
Kl.15.00 End of program

Activities during the day:
Workshops in origami, calligraphy, mizuhiki, (traditional Japanese ribbon decoration), quiz about Japan, sales of Japanese goods, Japanese food and sweets. Welcome!