Discover the history of Gammelstad through a quiz walk with your phone

The hike takes about 45 minutes to walk and it starts outside Visitor Center.

Get started:

1. Turn on location services (GPS) in your phone. You also need to turn on location services for your browser

2. Link or QR code. To start the hike, either scan the QR code or enter the following linkin your browser:

3. Now you are ready! Follow the instructions on your phone. Good luck!

Good to know before the walk :

  • At the first stop outside Visitor Center, there is a sign with the above link and QR code for the walk.
  • The Location service (GPS) needs to be up and running throughout the hike for the map service to see where you are. When you are closing in on a marked stop, you can hold your finger down on the cross to increase the radius of the circle. This way you get the information faster.
  • At each stop you must answer the question before you can proceed to the next stop.
  • Please note that you should not update your browser during the walk, since your answers may be lost.
  • Please note tat there are different links & QR codes for the walks in Luleå Center and Gammelstad. The English and Swedish version also have separate links and QR codes.
  • In winter it can be good to have a powerbank with you or keep your mobile phone in your pocket while you walk between the places. This to prevent the battery from running out.
  • Observe that the path between the stops in the walk shows the bird’s eye view. You should of course follow traffic rules and walk along footpaths, pedestrian crossing, etc. To see streets and roads you can zoom out on the map.